Features of Austter Home Wood Chippers You Need to Know When You Import It

Features of Austter Home Wood Chippers You Need to Know When You Import It

2020-01-21 0 By GreatChina

Are you blessed enough to have a private garden in your property? Are you living in an environment where nearby trees send small branches in and around your house?

If yes, then you can help your property look spick and span with the help of an efficient wood chipper from the house of Austerr. They create versatile machines that you can use throughout the year to clear debris from your garden, dispose of dead plants and weeds from your patches, and reduce the amount of debris build-up in your property.

It turns wooden debris, dead leaves and branches into tiny wood chips that you can use to light a fire in your fireplace, or use it as a mulch or compost in your garden.

What Does a Home Wood Chipper do?

A Home wood chipper is a small chipping or shredding device that accepts light debris like grass, leaves and twigs for chipping. It has rotating blades that chop the debris and turn them into tiny chips and discharge them into a collection bag.

Larger wood pieces are turned into smaller chunks with the help of this machine, so that it can be used for multiple other purposes as well. Whether you have an unwanted tree in your garden or other wood chunks on your land, you can generate chips with it and put them into good use.

Features of Home Wood Chippers Created by Austerr

Some of the most south-after features of Austerr home wood chippers include:

• 6.5hp and 15hp gasoline engines
• Capacity to make wood chips measuring 12mm each
• Strong blades
• Rust-resistance
• Robust design
• Easy operation

Overview of Austter, the most trustable source for garden machineries

Established in Shandong in 2002, Austerr has gained reputation for producinghighly efficient garden machines and tools, that includes wood chippers, stump grinders, power trenchers, log splitters and other outdoor machinery as well.

Their team consists of highly qualified 88 workers and 6 technicians who give utmost attention to the quality and performance of the products. Having received the ISO 9001:2000 Certificate of Quality Management System, all the products from Austter come approved by EC, EPA or TUV.

Owing to the popularity of Austerr products, they have received demands from countries like Europe, America, Middle East, South Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia and South America as well, and have satisfied customers there too.

Types of Wood Chippers with Austter

Austerr has four different types of wood chippers available in their product range. Let’s have a look:

1. 15hp Small Petrol Wood Chipper Machine

This is a powerful wood chipping device that can generate chips as small as 12mm in diameter. Featuring large wheels and portable chassis, it is extremely easy to move around the ground and can effectively shred trees. The machines runs on 15hp petrol engine and are known as extremely strong blades make it a hit among users.

2. 6.5hp Mini Gasoline Wood Chipper Machine

Powered by a 6.5hp gasoline engine, this device has a wide opening that can chip woods as big as 10cm in diameter. This drum chipper weighs 90kgs and can pull branches up to 35 inches per minute.

3. 4 Inch Disc Style Wood Chipper Machine – DGS150001

This disc style wood chipper has a chipping capacity of 4 inches. Featuring a 15hp gas engine, you have the option to choose from the band of Kohler, Honda, Loncin, Ducar, or B&S. If we talk about the chipping capacity, it is 100mm has an engine speed of 3600rpm. It also features disc cutting blades, emergency stop lever, discharge chute rotatable to 360°, and a fuel volume capacity of 6.5 litres.

4. 15hp Gasoline Engine Drum Wood Shredder

This is a small drum style wood shredder that can chip wood into sawdust. It is easily adjustable and gets fit into the diameter of almost any wood piece. It also comprises of a chassis, feed rollers, drum motor, hammer and blades.

Features to Look for in a Wood Chipper

Now that you know the different types of wood chippers available with Austerr, let’s find out the features you must look for while making your purchase:

1. Power: Power of an engine may range from 4 to 15 amps. The higher the power is the more chipping task the machine would be able to handle. However, it depends on the size of the trees , the types of debris produced in your garden, and how you would be using the compost.
2. Feed capacity: This depends on the number of branches you need to feed into the hopper. A small feed capacity would be sufficient for small branches every now and then, but if you need to , dense brushes and leaves in it, then you need to go for a chipper with wide hopper.
3. Operating features: Some chippers come with special operating features. Some start functioning with just a push button whereas some include safety locking knob, overload switch, emergency stop switch and other important features as well. .

So, if you are looking for the best wood chipper for your home use, consider importing it from China from the house of Austter. Have a look at their features and make an informed choice to be sure about the offerings of Austter and be amazed with their collection of high quality out